Sunday, 30 May 2010

Teacher's Day

Last Thursday, my son's school celebrated Teacher's day . I had baked 3 tiramisu cake , one for my standard 3 to standard 6 form teacher and the other two for two sons form teacher and prepared 90 eggs jelly for two's class party. Hope the teachers like the cake.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Colorful Egg Jelly

My son requested this jelly two weeks ago. Last weekend prepared this colorful egg jelly for my children. Before prepare this jelly I have to collect the egg shell . So every meal prepare for any egg dishes or bake any cake quickly keep the egg shell.

Before break a hole on the egg have to wash the egg to make sure the egg's shell is clean and break a small hole on top of the egg in order to let the egg yolk and egg white come out. After take out the yolk and egg white wash the egg shell's inner layer clean and dry it.
To prepare the colorful jelly ingredients are:
1/2 tsp jelly powder
100ml water - (light blue color is 85g bunga terang water + 1 tbsp coconut milk)
2 tbsp sugar (adjust according to your taste)
2 pcs pandan leaf (screwpine leaf)

all ingredients mix well and bring to boil and place onto a plate and let it set.
This red color jelly I plan to use red dragon fruit to prepare but cannot find the red dragon fruit so I use s 1/4 tsp red yeast powder mix with 100ml water)

This pink color is red yeast rice powder + coconut milk.
This light green color is pandan juice + coconut milk.
This blue color is bunga terang mix with hot water and get the blue color water.

After all the color jelly are set then cut to small piece. (you may use fruits to replace the color jelly, just cut all color's fruit to small piece will do.) I use peach as yellow color.

Boiled a pot of hot water and rinse all the egg shells with the hot water. (in order to and
fill the egg with the color jelly and fruits then prepare to cook the transparent jelly to fill the eggs full.

Transparent color jelly ingredients :
2 1/2 tsp jelly powder
500ml water
80g sugar (adjust according to your taste)
2 pcs pandan leaf (screwpine leaf)

mix well all the ingredients and bring to boil then fill into the egg shell. (after the jelly is boil then pour the jelly to measuring cup will be easy for us to fill to the egg shell.)

**(500ml water can fill up to 12 -14 eggs)

(if want to place the egg on the egg tray must make sure egg tray is clean.)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tiramisu Cake For 14th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. Bake this Tiramisu cake to celebrate with my Hubby and son. Learn this Tiramisu cake from Anncoo. This cake is easy to prepare and tasty. Thank you very much Anncoo sharing such nice cake.