Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine Dinner

We just taken our Valentine Dinner at home. Today’s menu are tom yam soup, appetizer will be apple raisin salad and main course will be Salmon and chips , Black pepper mushroom chicken chop and Satay chicken chop. Dessert will be banana split and chocolate nescafe banana cake.

Damian (my youngest son - asked for salmon n chips.)

Jeffery (my elder son - asked for Black pepper mushroom chicken chop. We all like the black pepper mushroom chicken chop. It taste good. will post the recipe soon.

I prepared satay chicken chop for my hubby.

After the dinner I really surprised by hubby, he bought me a valentine present. Thank you very much Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I will receive valentine gift from you cause we already 老夫老妻了。 老公,谢谢你。。。。。。。

Valentine Cake

Happy Valentine Day To Everyone.....

Today I baked 3 heart shape cake for this romantic day. The 1st cake definitely will give to my lovely husband. The 2nd heart shape cake will give to my friend's son Alvin who was on valentine day and the 3rd heart shape cake will give to my friend YS who was born on this month。

Chocolate Nescafe Banana Cake

3 pcs 6 inch heart shape cake pan
360g Sponge mix
40g Chocolate powder
8 eggs
100g water
100g corn oil

Cake Filling :
3 bananas ( sliced)
1 packet 3 in 1 nescafe
250g non-dairy whipping cream


300g chocolate (cut slices / cut cube)
150g dairy whipping cream
50g butter

some baked almond flake ,sliver almond and walnut
some star shape sugar, some love shape sugar, some color ball and some silver ball

1.) Lined the mould with paper
2.) Put in the egg,water and sponge mix flour and chocolate powder into the mixing bowl.
3.) Whip (1) till light and fluffy.
4.) Mix oil with the batter till well blended. pour in 330g batter to each heart shape cake pan. Bake at 180℃ for 30 minutes. Once baked, remove cake immediately from the mould.
5.) Leave the cake completely cool before cutting into 3 layers horizontally.
6.) Filling : whisk the non-dairy whipping cream and 3 in 1 nescafe till stiff.
7.) Spread filling onto 1st layer of cake and arrange the banana slices on top of the filling and spread some filling onto the banana and cover with 2nd layer cake .
8.) Repeat (7) till for all layers of cake. Leave in fridge to set. For the last layer just placed the cake on top of the filling .
9.) Heat dairy whipping cream , chocolate and butter in double- boiler stir till chocolate melt.
10.) Place cake on a wire rack, pour on chocolate ganache and decorate, refrigerate till set.
-----Happy Baking-----

golden color glutinous fish 金黄色的鱼米糕

今年拜天公的糕点都是自己弄的。 有米龟,米糕,发糕。


米糕是用这个饭锅煮的(超容易)。 我不喜欢白色的米糕所以就鸡婆用萝卜汁来煮糯米, 还好出来的的米糕还见得人。 哈哈!


2 碗 白糯米(先浸4 小时)
1 碗半的萝卜汁 (用3 颗萝卜较出来的汁)
半碗浓椰浆 (大概RM1.00 的椰浆)


1.) 把糯米,萝卜汁,糖及香草叶放进饭锅内后按《快煮》煮至熟。
3.)趁热 我把糯米饭放进鲤鱼燕菜模内用汤匙压紧(用葡萄干做成鲤鱼的眼睛- 这是在Anncoo的家 学的)