Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hand Made Greeting Card

Sometime, when I free, I Like to do cross stitch. Today just share with you some of the cross stitch greeting card.

During school holiday, my elder son will help me to stitch also.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Flower Basket

Arranged this flower basket as a birthday present to a friend.

A Gift To My Good Friend

Today not posting any food. Just want to share this beading watch with you. Recently learn beading so fist time do this beading watch Plan to give to my Good Fried as her birthday present.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Mi Suah Soup 面线糊

This is almost like shark fin soup but without shark fin . Eat with Vinegar taste better.

Ingredients 材料:
1 pc chicken fillet and some chicken bone . 1块鸡肉及一些鸡骨。
2 flower crabs (clean and steam , after steam take the crab meat)
5 filament stick (shredded) 5 条蟹柳切细条
2 pcs black fungus (soak till soft then shredded)2大片黑木耳(浸软后切丝)
5 pcs black mushroom (soak till soft then cut thin slices) 5 片香菇(浸软后切细片)
1 egg mix well. 1粒蛋(搅和)

5 bunch mi suah/thread noodles, crumb it. 五把面线弄碎

Potato solution = 3 tbsp potato starch + 1tbsp water
马铃薯昆合 = 3大匙马铃薯粉 + 1大匙水

Methods 做法:

  1. Cook a pot water (about 2 litre) till boil. After boil, take some hot water to rinse the chicken fillet and chicken bone. After rinse add the chicken and chicken bone to the pot to cook. After cook take out the chicken and shred it as chicken shredded.

  2. The water remain at the pot as chicken stock .

  3. Cook the chicken stock till boil then put in the chicken shredded , black mushroom,crab meat,filament stick and black fungus shredded cook till boil again.

  4. Add in the crumb mee suah/thread noodles.

  5. Add in the egg and together keep stirring.

  6. Lastly add in the potato starch solution to thicken the soup and some salt .
  7. Dish up and serve with Zhejiang vinegar.

  1. 煮滚一锅水(大约2公升),拿出少许热水浸泡鸡肉及鸡骨一下后把鸡肉及鸡骨放进锅内煮至鸡肉熟。取出鸡肉及鸡骨;把鸡肉拔丝成鸡肉丝。留在锅内的汤就是高汤。

  2. 把高汤煮滚后加入鸡肉丝,花蟹肉,黑木耳丝,香菇片,蟹柳条 煮滚。

  3. 把面线碎加入煮至滚。

  4. 一边加入搅和的蛋一边搅匀锅内的汤才能弄出蛋花。

  5. 最后加入调好的马铃薯粉水勾茨及适量的盐即可.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sushi 寿司

No good in rolling sushi so this sushi does not have good presentation. Need more practice.


to 我的厨房笔记.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

5 Grain Pumpkin Rice 五谷南瓜饭

Likes to cook this type of rice. Is so easy just put in all ingredients to the rice cooker to cook will do. I cook this 5 grain pumpkin rice for my family's breakfast. If wants to eat healthy pumpkin rice then don't put in the dry shrimp will do.

Ingredients : 材料:

some chopped garlic 一些剁碎的蒜头
some dry shrimp 一把虾米
1 cup 5 grain rice (soak with water for few hours) 1 杯五谷米(浸泡数小时)
5 pcs mushroom (soak then cut thin slices) 5 片香菇切丝
half pumpkin (cut to small portion) 半粒南瓜切小块
enough water level to cook for 1 cup rice 适量清水足够煮一杯米的分量

Seasoning 调味料:
2 tbsp soy sauce 2大匙酱油
1 tbsp black soy sauce 1大匙黑酱油
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1大匙蚝油
1/2 tsp pepper 半小匙胡椒粉

  1. Heat the wok and put in 1 tbsp rice brain oil, saute chopped garlic till fragrant.

  2. Add in dry shrimp continue saute.

  3. Add in mushroom slices and pumpkin. Keep saute till half cook.

  4. Cook the 5 grain rice as normal in rice cooker. When the water level about 3 quarter dry then put in (4) and seasoning mix well and let the rice cooker continue cook as normal till dry.

  5. Dish up and garnish with fried shallot.

  1. 烧热镬,加入1大匙米糠油把剁碎的蒜头炒香.

  2. 把虾米加入继续炒至香。

  3. 加入香菇丝,南瓜炒至半熟。

  4. 用电饭煲煮五谷米煮至七分熟后把(4)及调味料加入继续煮至饭熟。

  5. 上碟后进入炸葱片即可。