Friday, 18 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Yesterday baked a Pandan layer cake with Christmas decoration. So share this cake as 2009 Christmas cake to all visitors. Wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.
close look to the Christmas deco.
This cake looks nice but I feel disappointed because of my greedy wanted to have nice green colour and fragrant aroma of the pandan so I put a lot of the pandan leaf to juice the pandan juice so the cake taste a bit bitter.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Birthday Cake for Husband and Son 老公及孩子的生日蛋糕

Happy Birthday to my lovely husband and my lovely son.
December is a month which is busy , full of celebration and full of happines month to me. Why this month is a busy to me because I have to prepare two cakes in a month for my lovely husband and lovely son. Their birthday is 3 days difference.

Today is my husband's Birthday. I baked this marble cheese cake for him.

Last Saturday , I had prepared a birthday party for my little prince. This is my little prince's birthday cake. Initially I planned to draw “BEN10” for him (one of his favorite cartoon character). When I get ready wanted to draw, he told me that he want his favorite online game's character -- Maple Story -- Mushroom and Maple leaf. So this the cake requested by him.

After take the photo on the left , feel the surface too empty (greedy mum) ha ha.... so buy some gummy and put on the cake surface to make the cake full with chocolate and gummy.

So sorry , Mummy first time draw character on cake so will not be that pretty as cake shop. There are plenty room to improve. Next year mummy will draw better.

I learn how to draw the lovely character on cake from Christine. and Anncoo Thank you Christine and Anncoo.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Black Pepper "Tai Lok" Noodle 黑胡椒“大录”面

This morning fried this “ tai lok " noodle for my family as breakfast. Yesterday I just bought a bottle of the black pepper sauce so I added 3 tables spoon of the black pepper sauce to fry it. Emmmmmmmmm...... you can taste the the spicy and aroma of the black pepper. So nice,my family and I like it very much . The method for preparing this just may refer my order post.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Pearl Brown Rice Sushi Roll

This is simple sushi roll because not much ingredients put in (base on what I have in my kitchen) but the different is the rice.
I used the brown sushi rice to make this sushi. Spread some mayonnaise put in some omelet egg and spread some tuna then roll it up.

I feel that the white sushi rice taste nicer, even I soak the pearl brown sushi rice more than 6 hours, you can feel that the texture of the rice is harder compare to white sushi rice. Yet the pearl brown sushi rice have more nutritious.

This is the pearl brown rice's

You may refer the recipe here.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Birthday Cake For Mother In Law 家婆的生日蛋糕

On 26 Nov, my mother in law celebrate her 71 years old birthday so I had baked this cake for her. Wish my mother in law happy and healthy.
在 26/11/09, 家婆庆祝她71岁生日。 做了个生日蛋糕送她(献丑了)祝她老人家身体健康及快快乐乐。