Thursday, 28 May 2009


Wish you and family

^-^ Happy Dumpling Festival Day ^-^

^-^ 端午節快樂 ^-^

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cheese-ham Bread

Just Bought the latest issue of Yum-Yum (60). learn to do the bread - Fried Shallot Rolls page 72. My children don't like shallot so I just followed the bread recipe and modified to do this cheese ham bread.

After rest for an hour, roll out the dough, put in the ham, cheese and sprinkle some herbs (my house left basil leave only so I just sprinkle basil leave.) Actually I prefer mix herbs.

roll out and cut into small portion place into tart mould and leave it fermentation for 1 hour.
After fermentation for an hour brush with beaten egg sprinkle some sesame on top of the bread.
After bake.

miam kum (Thai Appetizer)

Lemon cut in cube size
Melted sugar and brown sugar with 1tbsp water
Fried peanut with dry wok.
coconut cut in slices and fried in dry wok till light brown.
Wash and drain well daun kaduk.
Young ginger cut in cube size
Small onion cut in cube size.
dry shrimp soaked in hot water for 1-2 minutes and use dry wok to fry till fragrant.

Just fold the daun kaduk to half like funnel shape. Add in all the ingredient and lastly scope in 1 tbsp melted sugar and put into mouth slowly chew and bite to enjoy the sweet, sour taste.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Passion Fruit

Recently, manage to find this fruit (Passion Fruit)at market. My son and I like this very much. But too expensive. RM10.00 per KG and very difficult to get it.

It full with Vitamin C.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

White Bread with Curry Chicken

I use Cosway bread maker to bake the white bread and cook a simple curry chicken (cook with curry powder) for my family's breakfast.


Oops , sorry I forgot to take the ingredient before cook. Just let me tell you the ingredient will do and forget about the photo. ha ha ha...........

1.) I cut the fresh button mushroom (1 box) to slices,

slice the carrot (1PC),

blended the tomato(5PCs) ,

slice the chicken fillet (about 1/2 chicken breast meat),

cut the onion(2PCs in medium size) to cube.

1 canned tomato puree.

1 tbsp tomato sauce and 1 tbsp chili sauce

1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp sea salt ( I used to use sea salt- (believe no whitening).

2.) when the wok is hot put some oil in the wok, add in onion fry till the you smell the fragrance of onion.

3.) Then add in the chicken fillet, button mushroom, and carrot. fry till slightly cook.

4.) Add in blended tomato, tomato puree, tomato sauce, chili sauce and 1 bowl water / as much gravy as you wish .

5.) cook till boiling and put in the sugar and salt. (as your taste).

6.) boiled the spaghetti till soft and drain it.

7.) serve the spaghetti together with the sauce cooked as item 5.

Monday, 18 May 2009

13th Years Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 13Th years wedding anniversary. We cerebrated at home last night. This was requested by my two princes.

To share with you, our wedding anniversary dinner - Mushroom soup (my sons favorites), Apple and honey dew salad, steam fish ball (buy from market and just steamed it), Fried Salmon fish with basil leaves (also my sons favorites). Chichken chop and Chicken Cordon blue (learn from
Carol) but I need more pratice to get same as Carol's chicken cordon bleu. Again thanks to Carol for sharing the recipe.

Honey, Happy anniverasy and I love you...........

Friday, 15 May 2009

Savory bayam pancake

1.) chopped some garlic, some minced fresh prawn and some chopped dry shrimp.
2.) Sayur bayam (苋菜) fine-cut.
3.) heat up some cooking oil in the wok,put in garlic, dry shrimp and minced prawn fry till fragrant then add in the bayam. Fried till the bayam cooked will do.
4.) get a big bowl, put in 300g tepung gandum , add in 500g water, 1 egg, 1tsp pepper and 1tbsp light soya sauce to make pancake batter.
5.) add in the item (3) the cooked sayur bayam to the pancake batter and mixed well.
6.) heat up the non stick pan/ wok , add a bit oil to the pan/wok and turn the fire to slow fire.
7.) place scoopful of (5) to the pan and fry the pancake till cooked.
8.) server the savory pancake with chili sauce.

flower arrangement (1)

This arrangement was requested by one friend and done recently.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Fried Pumpkin Tang Hoon

soaked tang hoon

spring onion
shred pumpkin and prawn
black mushroom, black fungus and chopped garlic
seasoning- light soya sauce, black soya sauce and oyster sauce. (each 1 table spoon)
Cooked fried pumpkin tang hoon.
1.) heat the wok, put in some oil, add in garlic, prawn fried till fragrant.
2.) add in black mushroom, black fungus, taugeh fry the taugeh (bean sprout) almost done.
3.) put in pumpkin and spring onion fry for about 2 minutes.
4.) put the soaked tang hoon and seasoning and fried till the tang hoon soft and taste as you wish.
P/S: The Pumpkin must shredded thick, if too thin , it melted so you can't bite the pumpkin.

simple breakfast

Today , I wanted to clear my fridge, so I had prepared this breakfast. Boiled the sausage, bread spread with garlic butter spread, the balance apple mixed with mayonnaise and put in some raisin become apple raisin salad. steam the corn and heat the canned red beat.
I try to make the sausage as heart shape but my son said it doesn't looks like heart shape. Ai yah yah...... I have pratice more.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Wish All Mother

" Happy Mother's Day"

Friday, 8 May 2009

Garlic Bread and Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup (Recipe from Yum yum).

spread the Garlic butter spread on baguette bread and toasted for 10 minutes.