Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

Wish my father , my hubby and all father's "Happy Father's day".

Prepared a blueberry ice-cream cake for my children to celebrate father's day.

a 9 inch loose base mold
one 9 inch sponge cake
some fruits (for decoration)
200g non dairy whipping cream
some biscuit (for decoration)

blueberry Ice -cream ingredients:
250g non dairy whipping cream
200g blueberry pie filling
90g full cream milk

1.) Whipped the non dairy whipping cream with high speed about 3-5 minutes to form peak.
2.) Add in the full cream milk and blueberry pie filling to (1) and mix well
3.) Sandwich the cake with (2) in the 9 inch loose base mold and keep in freezer to let the ice cream set. (I keep it over night)
4.) Remove the cake from the loose base mold and place it onto the cake board.
5.) Whisk the 200g non dairy whipping cream until stiff.
6.) Cover the whole cake with whipped whipping cream (5) and decorate it with some fruit and biscuit.


PynnLee said...

Ice cream cake 哦

蓝色小厨 said...

Ice-cream cake我喜欢耶!!好吃。。。

Lay Har丽霞 said...

ice cream cake我的最爱!

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

pynlee, 蓝色小厨 及丽霞, 谢谢你们的到访。 pynlee 你比较好了吗?多多休息哦。