Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Birthday Cake for Husband and Son 老公及孩子的生日蛋糕

Happy Birthday to my lovely husband and my lovely son.
December is a month which is busy , full of celebration and full of happines month to me. Why this month is a busy to me because I have to prepare two cakes in a month for my lovely husband and lovely son. Their birthday is 3 days difference.

Today is my husband's Birthday. I baked this marble cheese cake for him.

Last Saturday , I had prepared a birthday party for my little prince. This is my little prince's birthday cake. Initially I planned to draw “BEN10” for him (one of his favorite cartoon character). When I get ready wanted to draw, he told me that he want his favorite online game's character -- Maple Story -- Mushroom and Maple leaf. So this the cake requested by him.

After take the photo on the left , feel the surface too empty (greedy mum) ha ha.... so buy some gummy and put on the cake surface to make the cake full with chocolate and gummy.

So sorry , Mummy first time draw character on cake so will not be that pretty as cake shop. There are plenty room to improve. Next year mummy will draw better.

I learn how to draw the lovely character on cake from Christine. and Anncoo Thank you Christine and Anncoo.


Anncoo said...

Hello ~ Happy Birthday to your husband and little prince. I think you done a good job ;D

~Rachel Hei~ said...

Happy Birthday to your husband and little prince. The cake for your little prince was cute, great job for the first time.. ^_^

淑娟 said...


Sonia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to both of them. You are a good mum and good wife, home baked Birthday cake is the best, really well done.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

To all my dear friends, thank you very much for your words.