Sunday, 17 October 2010

Longan Jelly 龙眼菜燕

好久没 update blog了。(不知我家是否灰尘满满的。。。。哈哈!) 趁今天孩子们考完试了,自己也没这么忙就来煮个甜点来给家人吃。请大家来吃这个清凉的甜品吧。

1 包燕菜粉
1 罐淡奶
1 罐罐头龙眼
4600 ml 的水
550g - 600g 糖 (我用了550g, 我家人比较喜欢少糖的食品)

1.)把 4600ml 的水 倒入一个大锅, 加入一包燕菜粉, 香草及550g 糖煮至滚(要不停的搅拌)后息火.
2.) 倒入一罐400ml 的淡奶搅匀后倒入杯内。 待冷后放入冰箱冷冻。
3.)要吃时放入2 粒罐头龙眼及2 汤匙的龙眼水即可。

Ingredients :
1 packet jelly powder (about 25g)
1 canned evaporated creamer
1 canned longan
4600 ml water
few piece pandan leaf
550g - 600g caster sugar (I used 550g cause my family members don't take so sweet)

Method :
1.)Pour in the 4600ml water to a big pot, add in the jelly powder, sugar and pandan leaf cook till boil. (keep steering ) and off the fire.
2.) pour in the evaporated creamer (about 400ml)and mix well. Pour to the container and keep chilled.
3.)Before serve add in some longan and the longan syrup and eat together with the jelly.


Anncoo said...

WOW! Really long time didn't hear from you ;) Your longan jelly looks so good for our hot weather here.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo, thanks for remember me. Texture of this jelly is smooth and very suitable for the hot weather now.

Simonne said...

wanna confirm is it 4600ml water with 1 packet of agar powder ?
Is ur agar powder Pearl Mermaid brand?

I bet this agar must be very soft and smooth!