Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Black Sesame & Almond Chiffon Cake 黑芝麻杏仁戚风蛋糕

That day when to Annie's blog saw this chiffon very special and just nice I do have the black sesame powder so quickly prepare this Chiffon (If not I will drag to no end. ) I replace the hazelnut with almond ground. (my fridge only have almond ground) It taste good. Annie .

那天在安妮家看到这黑芝麻榛果戚风蛋糕,觉得好特别;刚好家有黑芝麻粉所以就快快动手做了这个蛋糕(不然不知会拖到何年何月哦。 哈哈!!!)我把榛果换成杏仁粉(因为冰箱里只有杏仁粉)。这戚风蛋糕味道不错。 安妮。

recipe please click here. 食谱请按这里


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I want the whole cake , pls bake another one soon !

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Pearlyn, OK. Please wait will courier to you soon. LOL ^_^