Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Simple Vege 简单的菜

This fried sweet pea posted before, just a bit colorful like traffic light .这炒甜豆的食谱在此 ,可是这次炒得五颜六色好像红绿灯一样。

Ingredients are sweet pea, carrot and yellow capsicum, fish cake, garlic and some prawns. 材料有甜豆,胡萝卜,黄色甜椒,鱼饼,蒜头及虾。

I first time saw this vege at market but I had forgotten the name. It looks alike mustard and taste almost like mustard but it have more curve at the leaf portion and the vegetable seller also did not call it as mustard.
这菜是第一次见(少见多怪 )可是忘了菜名。 看来好像菜心,口感也像菜心但它的菜叶前端比较多曲折 。菜贩也不叫它菜心。
It taste good. If I do see this vege again will ask the name and update to here. 这菜炒了也不错吃。改次再见到这菜时会再问菜贩这菜的名字然后告诉大家。


A Full-Timed Housefly said...

I love greens ! A simple stir fry veg is just so yummy.

Anncoo said...

It's so healthy to eat lot of greens.

~Rachel Hei~ said...


smarthousewife said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Dear all friends, Thanks. hope you enjoy with these green vege.

albee妈咪 said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

albee妈咪, 我也这么想,最重要一家人吃得开心及健康。

yusmar said...

Wahhhh....same day we bought this vegie. I also first time tried this vegie. I saw at shop,looks like nice to eat. Asked the untie sell, she said 'sayur popeye' (dont know how to translate to me...hehe)

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