Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mushroom Soup And Garlic Bread (2)

妹妹们送了部养生机给我。以后可方便得多了。 只需要20 分钟就可以有热腾腾的米糊或汤来当早餐。孩子要求煮蘑菇汤和蒜头面包当早餐,好吧!今天就弄给你们吃吧。
My sister bought me this machine,so in future I can prepare paste or soup easily. Just 20 minutes can have hot soup / paste to drink. My son requested mushroom soup and garlic bread for breakfast. So use this machine to cook the mushroom soup. It just so simple just cut all the ingredients and then put into the machine and press a button then wait till cooked then can have hot soup to drink liao.....

材料 Ingredients"
1 罐蘑菇(一半切薄片(烫过热水),另外半罐蘑菇切小块四直接放入养生机内煮)
1 canned button mushroom (half cut to four then put into the machine,another half canned cut to thin slices and bleach with hot water)
半杯糙米 (洗一洗)half cup brown rice (wash clean)
半粒大葱(切丁)half onion (cut cube)
3或4 粒马铃薯 (切丁)3 to 4 potato (cut cube)
2 大匙UHT Milk / coffee mate 2 tbsp UHT milk / coffee mate
1 小匙 海盐 1 tsp sea salt
1 小匙胡椒粉 1 tsp pepper
2 片 bay leaf (撕半) 2 pcs bay leaf
1500 ml 清水 1500 ml water

做法 methods:
1.) 把蘑菇,糙米,大葱,马铃薯,海盐,胡椒粉,清水及UHT 牛奶 放入养生机内后按“米糊” 这个按钮即可。
a) Add in the button mushroom,brown rice, onion,potato,sea salt, pepper ,water and UHT milk to the machine then press the "paste" button to cook will do.
2.)20 分钟后就煮好了这蘑菇汤。把煮好的蘑菇汤倒入焖烧锅/保温锅内再放入bay leaf 及烫过热水的蘑菇片后试味即可。(明早就可以喝到一碗温热的汤)
b) 20 minutes later, the mushroom soup cooked. Pour the mushroom soup to warmer and add in the bay leaf and mushroom slices and try the taste will do. (the next morning can have a bowl of Luke warm soup)

This bread is learn from Felvinc . Click here for the recipe. spread the garlic butter spread to the bread and eat with the mushroom soup it just so fantastic.


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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

这是她们送我累积好几年的生日礼物。养生机蛮放便的,把要煮的东西放进去煮好后保温明天起来就有可以喝到温温的米浆或米糊。 可是不可以天天喝,喝久会怕的。

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Hi, I can't get to see your BBQ chicken puff. Wonder why?
Anyway, Happy Easter Day! I've an award for you, please come and pick it up when you're free.

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simple and nice!

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo, I converted the post to draft cause I haven't added the ingredients and steps. Now you can see it. (just posted). Thank you very much for the award. Happy Easter Day.

Sonia, If change the water to chicken stock or add in chicken granule will taste better.