Thursday, 9 June 2011

茶叶蛋 herbal tea egg

哇!好久没更新部落格了,希望 网友们还记得我。 这都因为“忙” 的关系 不过我一有空上网就去姐妹们的家潜水了。今天就请大家来吃茶叶蛋。

材料 :
30 粒 b/c 蛋
200-230g 酱油/酱青
200-230g 糖
1 小匙海盐 / 白盐
1 大匙黑酱油
适量清水 (盖过蛋即可)
1 包 家家乐茶叶蛋香料 / 其他牌子茶叶蛋香料 (个人比较喜欢家家乐牌子)

1. 把鸡蛋洗清洁后放入锅内加入清水(盖过蛋)煮至蛋熟。

2. 用汤匙轻轻的敲裂蛋壳后把蛋放入锅内 (我把它放进cw的饭锅)/ slow cooker 内

3. 把酱油,糖,盐, 黑酱油,茶叶蛋香料及适量清水(可盖过蛋)加入锅内稍微搅一搅即可。

4. 煮最少2 小时后就可享用美味的茶叶蛋。 越煮越久蛋会更香更好吃。 (我用煮汤/粥的功能来煮茶叶蛋,我把烹调时间换去4 小时)

Ingredients :
30 eggs (grade b / grade c)
200g - 230g soya sauce
200g - 230g sugar
1 tsp sea salt / white salt
1 tbsp dark soya sauce
some water (can cover the egg will do )
1 packet jia-jia le mix herbs and spices / other brands mix herbs and spices also can


1. Clean up the egg shell and cook it till boil. (hard boil egg) .

2. Use spoon to knock on the egg shell to have the shell crack then put it into the slow cooker / rice cooker (I use cw rice cooker to cook )

3. Put in soya sauce, salt, sugar, dark soya sauce and the packet mix herbs and spices and some water ( cover the egg) to the pot and mix well and cook for at least 2 hours .

4. The longer time you cook the egg will be more aromatic and taste better . ( I use soup/porridge function to cook this herbal tea egg and I cook 4 hours ) .

Enjoy your cooking............


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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

smarthousewife, 谢谢你。祝你生活愉快。

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

long time did not come to your blog, nice to see you still doing well. I did this once, but it has been few years story, long time did not make this herbal tea egg. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pete said...

My kids would love this! Delicious!

Pete said...
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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, Thanks for visiting , I do always 在你家潜水。 哈哈!

Pete, Welcome 。 I always prepare this during party time.