Friday, 15 May 2009

Savory bayam pancake

1.) chopped some garlic, some minced fresh prawn and some chopped dry shrimp.
2.) Sayur bayam (苋菜) fine-cut.
3.) heat up some cooking oil in the wok,put in garlic, dry shrimp and minced prawn fry till fragrant then add in the bayam. Fried till the bayam cooked will do.
4.) get a big bowl, put in 300g tepung gandum , add in 500g water, 1 egg, 1tsp pepper and 1tbsp light soya sauce to make pancake batter.
5.) add in the item (3) the cooked sayur bayam to the pancake batter and mixed well.
6.) heat up the non stick pan/ wok , add a bit oil to the pan/wok and turn the fire to slow fire.
7.) place scoopful of (5) to the pan and fry the pancake till cooked.
8.) server the savory pancake with chili sauce.

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Siew Ting said...

i see your blog, i hungry already