Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cucur Bawang (Onion fritter)

Last two weeks did not go market do marketing so nothing much can cook for breakfast. Lucky in the kitchen does have some onions, dry shrimp and eggs. So today breakfast will be this cucur bawang. I believe most of us know how to do this cucur. Some may do better than my.

This is my way of doing the cucur. (fritter)

1. Wash the dry shrimp and soak for ten minutes and chop it.

2. cut the onion into small pieces.

3. put the flour (about 300g) to a big bowl, put in the onion, dry shrimp, 1 egg, water (about 100ml) and seasoning (2tbsp light soya sauce,pepper and salt) mixed till all well combined. The combination must not be too thick or too liquid.

4. heat up oil and scoop the mixture to deep fry till golden colour.

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