Monday, 22 June 2009

Fried Mee Sua Fish 炸面线鱼

This is how it looks like @06/07/09.

今早在菜市看到这面线鱼, 就买了回家因为家人喜欢。
This morning see this "Mee Sua Fish" at market , my family like this fish very much.

这是面线鱼的样子。 可惜它的头部被那鱼贩帮我切掉了。
This is how the fish looks like. (Sorry the fish seller help me to cut the fish head. so can't show you the fish head.)

cut all the excess part, clean and debone it.

准备鱼的调味料, 磨碎那2-3cm 的姜,加入1tbsp麻油, 1 tbsp酱油, 1tsp 胡椒粉. 然后放入鱼及鱼骨一起腌数小时。
prepare this fish seasoning to season the fish and also the fish bone. shred the ginger (ginger about 2-3cm), add in 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 to 2 tbsp soya sauce, 1tsp pepper. season for few hours.

准备一些面粉,把鱼肉倆边及鱼骨都沾上面粉; 把多余的粉去掉。(也可以用炸鸡粉来沾, 不过我嫌它咸了一点。)
prepare some plain flour to coat the fish. Both side coated with flour and remove excess coated flour. (you may use fried chicken powder but I personally fell it taste salty so I use plain flour.)

Deep fry in hot oil till golden brown colour.


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yusmar said...

what fish is that, u know other name for that fish(malay)?. Looks very nice after fried.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

键轩惠馆, 菜市也不常见到。

Yus, next time I see it, help you to buy some .