Monday, 14 September 2009

Coral Grass White Fungus Soup 珊瑚草雪耳甜汤

This dessert is cook with coral grass. 这甜汤是用机珊瑚草和白木耳一起煮的. This coral grass was introduce by a friend nutrients-yoga-craft . 会食用这珊瑚草是nutrients-yoga-craft 这位朋友介绍的。谢谢 “nutrients-yoga-craft”。

Understand that coral grass is one type organic seaweed which is rich in enzyme nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron ,multitude fibers and jelly form proteins. It is especially good for skin care, vegetarian diet and daily fiber diet intake. It grows naturally and contains no artificial fertilizer or chemical. - data from Internet.
据说这有机海草富有酵素营养素营养素、矿物、钙、铁、许多纤维和果冻形式蛋白质。 特别有益于护肤、素食饮食和每日纤维饮食。 它自然地增长并且不包含人工肥料或化学制品。 它是養生保健的健康食品。 这種淨海生物營養價值極高,膠質濃似燕窩,口感及營養完全不輸給天然的燕窩,故有稱「海底燕窩」 - 从网络下载的资料。

view of dry coral grass 这是还未浸泡的珊瑚草
view of after soak coral grass 这是浸泡一天的珊瑚草。(只需用清水浸即可)

Ingredients 材料:

Some soaked coral grass 一些浸泡了的珊瑚草

2 litre water 2公升清水

150g rock sugar 150克冰糖
some seedless red date 一些无核红枣
one packet ~200g white fungus (soak till soft)

some wolfberries and 200g winter melon candy
1. Boiled the water, after boil add white fungus,red date and wolfberries cook till white fungus soft.(you may use slow cooker or slow fire to cook till the white fungus soft.
2. Add in the winter melon candy and rock sugar cook till sugar melt.

3.Remove from heat, add in the coral grass . The coral grass will dissolve while hot.

4. Dish up and enjoy the soup.
1.)煮滚清水后加入白木耳/雪耳,红枣,枸杞子。(可以用slow cooker 来煲或用小火煮至白木耳/雪耳软。
3.) 息火后,加入珊瑚草。 珊瑚草会溶在热汤内。
4.) 盛起享用。


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This is good for health dessert. Make at this at home sometime.

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Understand that the coral grass is good. besides cook as 糖水 can also as salad or put in soup.


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