Thursday, 24 September 2009

Taiwan- Day 1 在台湾的第一天

This Just my trip's record. 这是这次旅程的记录。
On 16th September 2009 went to Taiwan with 9 goods friends. Depart from Penang airport @ 2.45pm , Arrived Taiwan about 7.30 pm . The 1st stop for the 7 days trip is Shilin night Market. We had tried some of the local food. I like most is the white bitter gourd juice, fried chicken chop and "lu rou rice" .
九月16日和九位好友一同去台湾旅游。在槟城机场出发,抵達台湾是大概7.30pm。这七天的旅程第一站是士林夜市。我们试了好多当地的美食。我最喜欢的是白苦瓜汁 ,鸡排及卤肉饭。这卤肉饭 又香又好吃,味道有点像我们的罐头红烧猪肉弄碎。
white bitter gourd - white bitter gourd blend with honey 白苦瓜加蜜糖搅汁。 没有苦味好好喝。

"Lemon Ai yu" 爱玉柠檬
squid soup 花枝焿

big chicken chop 豪大大鸡排

small biscuit(Pulverizing) then wrap with spring roll wrapper 小饼(弄碎)后再用春卷皮包起就成了大饼包小饼。
biscuit wrap with spring roll wrapper 大饼包小饼

"lu rou rice" 卤肉饭
vege bun and meat bun 水煎包-有包菜加冬粉馅的也有肉馅的。
omelet egg and oyster鸡蛋蚵仔煎
To be continue.


Anncoo said...


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Sonia said...

Taiwan will be my next trip to cari makan.

yusmar said...

wahhh...first time i see white bitter gourd. Is it same taste like green bitter gourd?.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...
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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo-台湾好好玩。最重要是有九位好朋友一同去玩;我们玩得很疯. 哈哈! ^_^

Canary-我在旅游展时sign up 的, 整个配套是RM2400. 我个人认为比较不适合带小孩一起去因为有好多地方shopping,好多东西买。

Sonia-Taiwan really a right choice for cari makan. The thing I did not try is 臭豆腐 and 猪血糕。 After the trip I had put on 2kg (just 7 days makan-makan only.)

Yus-The White bitter gourd does not taste bitter at all.

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A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Wow , looks like you really enjoy your Taiwan trip , huh ? Did you pack on EXTRA kilo when u came home after all the makan.....LOL... hope one day I can go holiday and 疯一下minus my 老公and 孩子

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...


A Full-Timed Housefly, I really enjoy the trip and the companionship of the trip. The extra kilo till today still with me . 55555555555.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

hahahaa... BTW are u married with kids or still single and free ???