Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Udon Noodle 清汤乌冬面

This was simply cooked . Luckily all my family member like it.这是乱乱煮出来的清汤乌冬面。 幸好家人都喜欢吃。

Ingredients 材料:

10g seaweed 10克海苔/紫菜
1carrot (cut small portion) 一条胡萝卜(切小块)
some filament stick (cut small portion) 一些蟹柳 (切小块)
some chicken bone (to prepare chicken broth) 一些鸡骨(用来准备鸡汤)
1 packet udon noodle 一包乌冬面
1 piece konbu 一片昆布
half piece chicken breast meat 半边鸡胸肉
2 litre water 2公升清水

Method 做法:

  • Cook a pot water (about 2.0 litre) till boil. After boil, take some hot water to rinse the chicken breast meat and chicken bone.

  • After rinse add the chicken breast meat and chicken bone and a piece konbu to the pot to cook as chicken broth. After cook, take out and throw away the chicken bone and konbu.

  • take out the chicken breast meat and shred it as chicken shredded.

  • seasoning the chicken shredded with 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp ground pepper and 1/2 tsp sesame oil

  • Add in the carrot to the chicken broth. Cook till the carrot soft.

  • Add in the filament stick and seaweed cook till boil , add in 2 tbsp soy sauce and 1/2 tsp sea salt and chicken shredded then ready to serve.

  • 煮滚一锅水(大约2公升),拿出少许热水浸泡鸡胸肉及鸡骨一下后把鸡胸肉,鸡骨及昆布放进锅内煮至鸡胸肉熟。取出昆布及鸡骨;把鸡肉拔丝成鸡肉丝。留在锅内的汤就是高汤。

  • 把鸡肉拔丝加入1 大匙的酱油,1/2 小匙胡椒粉 及1/2 小匙 麻油调味

  • 把高汤煮滚后加入胡萝卜块煮至胡萝卜软。

  • 加入蟹柳块及海苔/紫菜煮至滚后就加入鸡肉丝。

  • 最后加入2 大匙酱油,1/2 小匙海盐调味即可.

To prepare the udon noodle - boil a pot of water, after boil then put in the udon noodle to cook till soft then drain well and ready to serve.
To Serve - scoop the soup to the bowl and place in some udon noodle will do.

准备烫面 - 烧热一锅水,水滚后把乌冬面加入去烫至软。沥干水份。
食用- 把清汤盛入碗内加入烫熟的乌冬面即可。


Anncoo said...

好多料哦~~ 一定很好吃^-^

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A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Actually 乱乱煮出来的东西 tastes even better... hahaha... I hate to follow recipe step by step so most of the food I cooked are 凭感觉 !

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Dear all,
Thanks for your compliment. Am on my way for my vocation. Chat with you when am back from my trip. Will share with your the trip photo. have a great day. ^_^

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I like this healthy meal