Monday, 26 October 2009

Burger Prepare by hubby 老公准备的汉堡

This burger was prepared by my hubby. Out of sudden his was saying that he wanted to prepare burger for next day's breakfast, so let see what had he prepared. Em... It taste good.

Ingredients 材料 :

4 chicken drumstick (deboned) 4 只鸡腿(去骨)
1 cucumber (cut thin slices) 1 颗黄瓜(切薄片)
2 tomato (cut thin slices) 2 粒蕃茄(切薄片)
1 box premix fried chicken powder 1 包炸鸡粉
8 burger bun (can't find the burger bun so we just bought the dinner roll) 8 粒汉堡面包
1 lettuce (just need few slices only) 1 粒莴苣/玻璃生菜 (需要几片而已)
some butter 少许的奶油
some mayonnaise 少许的蛋黄酱
some thousand island 少许的千岛酱

seasoning - to seasoning the chicken drumstick 调味料- 腌鸡腿
1 tbsp soya sauce 1 大匙酱油
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 大匙蚝油
1 tbsp sesame oil 1 大匙麻油

Methods 做法:
1.) seasoning the chicken drumstick with 1tbsp soya sauce,1tbsp sesame oil and 1 tbsp oyster sauce. (depend on the fried chicken powder, if it taste salty then reduce the seasoning soya sauce and oyster sauce.)
一.) 用调味料来腌鸡腿(如果炸鸡粉的味道已经很咸那就用半大匙的调味料)

2.) mix 1/2 packet of the fried chicken flour with 100ml water (follow the instruction printed on the packing ) or you may use other fried chicken flour as your daily used. 二.) 把半包的炸鸡粉加入100ml 的清水(跟着炸鸡粉包装的指示来调)或用你平常用惯的炸鸡粉。

3.) heat up the wok and 4 cups oil. Deep fried the seasoned chicken drumstick to golden brown colour. leave till cool then each chicken drumstick cut to half.

三.) 烧热镬及4杯油,把鸡腿炸成金黄色。盛起后待冷后切半。

4.) Cut the dinner roll to halve and spread some butter on it then heat it up on the non stick pan for a while .
四.) 把汉堡面包切半,涂上些奶油然后放在不黏镬上热一热。

5.) Place one piece lettuce on top of the dinner roll , spread some mayonnaise on the lettuce then arrange the cucumber slice and tomato slice and spread some mayonnaise it.
五.) 把一片生菜放在汉堡面包上,涂些蛋黄酱后排上黄瓜片及蕃茄片再涂些蛋黄酱。

6.) Place the fried chicken drumstick on top of the vege.
六.) 把半块炸鸡腿放在黄瓜片及蕃茄片上。
7.) Place another piece lettuce on top of the fried chicken and spread some thousand island sauce on top of the lettuce then cover with the dinner roll and serve.
七.) 再放一片生菜在炸鸡腿上后涂些千岛酱后把另一半的汉堡面包盖上即可。


Anncoo said...

Are there anymore to share? So many ingredients...

albee妈咪 said...

yummy !yummy!yummy!i like burger ...haha~~~may i

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo & albee 妈咪,
one for anncoo and one for albee妈咪。Lets have burger for today breakfast. ^_^

Sonia said...

This morning I just prepared fish fillet (buy one) sandwich for my kids bring to school. Next time I will do this way. Thanks for sharing.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Err.. may I borrow your hubby for one week ?... LOL

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, my son like this burger very much. I have to stop them for time being because I can see my youngest son put on a lot recently. ^_^
A Full-Timed Housefly, can no problem but he only cook on "out of sudden" so might be end up you have to cook for him for the whole week. LOL . ^_^