Thursday, 15 October 2009

Taiwan Trip - Final 台湾之旅完结篇

The Sixth day's Lunch at Taiwanese Food Court which next to National Palace Museum. The food just so so only. After lunch we visited the National Palace Museum.

The sixth day's dinner at "伍角船板". I like this restaurant very much. Once you enter to the restaurant you will feel the romantic atmosphere. All the dishes serve just simple yet delicious.
some shot of the restaurant. You may want to take a look on this restaurant
sorry ! some of the dishes name had forgotten.

三杯乌贼 fried squid
sweet potato rice 番薯饭

Seventh day's Lunch 天的午餐在海霸王用餐.

101 towel 101楼

第七天的晚餐在鼎泰丰用餐.Seventh night's dinner
菜饺子及肉饺子 vege dumpling and meat dumpling
清炒波菜及小笼包, 吃饱后就快快到士林夜市做最后冲击因为隔天早上6.30am 就要起程的机场回到各自的家去了. After dinner go to Shilin night market and do shopping again. This will be the final shopping at Taiwan. The next morning 6.30am will towards to airport and back to every individuals sweet home.

All these are goods brought back from Taiwan and tasted by family member and all said good. So record on blog so that I can remember what to buy in future if I do visit Taiwan again. (do have other which taste good. but forgot to snap photo !!!)


Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing, look like you have enjoyed a lot of good foods there. Once my Taiwan trip come true, all these posts will be my guide.

smarthousewife said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, hope all the Taiwan posts do give some info to you.

smarthousewife, 我做这些记录是给以后年老的我看的。我怕以后老时记忆衰退后还可以重温这些美好的时光。 哈哈!^_^