Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Steam Corn Cake 蒸玉米咸糕

I like this steam Corn cake, you can taste the nature sweetness of the corn and also the salty taste of the dry shrimps. Method of prepare this cake almost like steam brown rice yam cake .

Ingredients 材料:

200g fresh corn / frozen corn 200克新鲜玉米粒/冷冻玉米
2 Chinese sausage (cut to small piece ) 2 条腊肠(切小粒)
50g dried shrimp 50克虾米
some chopped garlic 一些蒜米碎
300g brown rice (soak for 8 hours) 300克糙米 (浸泡数小时)
water 750ml 清水750 ml
a pinch of salt 一小撮盐来调味
1 tsp oyster sauce 一小匙蚝油

Methods 做法:
1.) Drain the brown rice add in water to blender and blend it till fine. 把浸泡糙米的水倒掉后放进搅拌机内,再加入750ml 的清水后把糙米搅拌至幼。
2.) Heat the wok and add in some oil and garlic ,saute the garlic till fragrant. 把镬烧热后加入少许的油及蒜米碎炒至香。
3.) Add in the dry shrimps and continue saute till fragrant. 加入虾米再炒至香。
4.) Add in the chopped Chinese sausage and continue saute till fragrant. 把切碎的腊肠加入镬内继续炒至香。
4.) Add in the blended brown rice, corn, salt and oyster sauce then continue stir fried till thickening 把搅拌好的糙米倒入,加入玉米粒,盐及蚝油继续炒至浓。
5.) Grease the baking tray and put in the (4) and steam for 30 minutes or till cook. 在烤盘内涂上一层油后把(4)放进烤盘内用大火蒸30 分钟或蒸至熟。
The steam corn cake is cooked. 玉米糕蒸熟了。
Sprinkle some fried shallot on top of the corn cake and ready to serve. To prepare the fried shallot and chili sauce you may click on the brown yam rice post. (must wait till totally cool then only cut the cake.)


Sonia said...

This look really healthy with brown rice, I buy brown rice once, but kids dont like it.I think I have slim chance to cook this lar, too bad..

Anncoo said...

看来很特别,没做过。我喜欢brown rice, 下次做一小份试试看。

smarthousewife said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, you can replace the brown rice to our normal rice.

Anncoo, 期待你试后再与我们分享。

smarthousewife, 其实这玉米糕也可以用米粉来做的,可是有些时候会买到一些有味道的米粉。家里都在吃糙米所以就把糙米打成浆后来做糕点。

My Little Things Corner said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

My Little Things Corner,欢迎你的来访,希望你会喜欢这玉米糕, 也希望你常来。

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

This is a special recipe and I think I will give it a try. I usually mixed borwn rice with fragrant thai rice for daily cooking , thanks for sharing !

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

A Full-Timed Housefly, you are most welcome. After try please share with me how do you feel about this corn cake.