Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Taiwan - Day 4 and Day 5 在台湾的第四天及第五天

On the 4th day of the trip we went to Beitou check in to Hotel pacific Wellness Spa & Club and start our hot spring spa. 第四天, 我们到北投泡温泉。住进了太平洋温泉会馆并开始泡温泉的一天。
you may have your hot spring spa at your room or public pool. 这是酒店客房内的私人温泉池。 你也可以到外面的众人池泡温泉。
Our dinner at Beitou. 在北投的晚餐。
这菜叫"大陆妹" 味道好像我们的生菜
after dinner we have our drink and dessert (red bean tau hwa) 晚饭后,去喝杯冬瓜茶及吃碗红豆豆花。
The next day morning , we went to the Beitou Library and Beitou hot spring museum . 隔天早上到北投图书馆及北投温泉博物馆去。
Towards to Yangming Park. 到阳明公园去。

flower clock at Yangming Park. 花钟
Try this salty ice-crea at Yangming Park. Taste yum-yum. 试了这咸冰棒,好好吃哦!
Lunch at Danshuei 在淡水的午餐,试了这闻名的阿给及甜不辣。
Shot of Danshui Old Street
Never see this at Malaysia so try the fried durian at Taiwan. It taste good. 在马来西亚没见过的炸榴櫣就买来试一试。 味道不错。回来才知道马来西亚也有得卖这炸榴櫣。
This Fried yam taste yummy yummy. 这拔丝芋头也好好吃哦!
This almond biscuit taste yummy-yummy . Bought back two box for family to taste. 这杏仁酥很好吃,不会太甜又很脆。买了两罐回来给家人吃。

At Danshui Fisherman's Wharf 到淡水渔人码头
The sunset shot at Danshui Fisherman's Wharf 在淡水渔人码头的夕阳。
Dinner at Danshui Havarna Restaurant. 在淡水的晚餐
scallop pineapple fried rice凤梨干贝炒饭
Seafood spagetti 花香海鲜意大利面
Grilled Chicken rice迷选烤鸡腿饭
Chicken chop pumpkin rice南瓜鸡腿饭


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