Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Taiwan - Day 2 在台湾的第二天

After check out from DanShuei hotel, our tour towards to YeLiu Geopark. Very nice view of all the rocks. 从淡水酒店出发至往野柳地质公园看奇岩怪石。

After Geopark, our tour have towards to JiouFen . Just first stop only so much things to buy and s much food wanted to taste at JiouFen. Unfortunately the tour guide only allows us to spent 2 and half hours only (included lunch time - lunch on own ) . It is too rush . We only spent the 2 1/2 hour to buy souvenir , lunch and walk around . We can't even finish to look see the whole JiouFen market. 看完野柳的奇岩怪石,我们到九份。在九份有好多东西买又有好多东西吃。 这只是第一站而已,就有这么多要买了。 哈哈 怎么拿回家哦! 导游只给我们两个半小时在九份逛。这两个半小时包括了午餐时间。要买东西又要吃又要看看两个半小时怎么足够呢?整条九份山城老街都走不完。

JiouFen most popular yam ball must try. The yam ball taste QQ and nice. 九份的闻名的芋圆好好吃。咬芋圆的时候有QQ 的感觉。
We take lunch at the fish ball noodles at this shop. 我们在这间店吃鱼丸汤面。 好好吃, 有好多选择。
This is the Ai-Yu seeds. I bought 1 packet back will try out later.

This kuih quite nice.这草仔糕好好吃。

This is Taiwan Ocarina. (very cute musical instrument). 台湾陶笛。
After JiouFen, on our way to Yilan train station to take train and towards to Hualien City.

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