Friday, 9 October 2009

Taiwan - Day 3 在台湾的第3天

Check out from Hualien hotel, we towards to Hualien's Chishingtan .Chishingtan’s beach do have lots of rocks. Most are round shape and very beautiful.

We play game with our toe. (1o of us + tour guide) 我们在用脚趾玩剪刀,石头,布。(我们十位加上导游共11只脚)哈哈!好玩好玩。

Towards to Taroko National Park. 到太鲁阁国家公园去。

Vegetarian lunch at Hualien. 在花莲享用的素食午餐。

After lunch , take train back to Taipei. Night time go to night market. (Wufenpui and Raohe
午餐后,我们坐火车回台北。 晚上又到夜市去逛逛。(到五分埔夜市和饶河夜市)

Wufenpui do have a lots of clothing to buy, but you can't try all the clothes . 在五分埔夜市有好多服饰买,可是不可以试。
From Wufenpui we walk to Raohe night market. At Raohe, a lots of local food to try. We try the pepper bun , it taste yummy yummy. 从五分埔夜市, 我们走到饶河夜市去。在饶河夜市可以吃到很多当地的美食。 我们试了胡椒饼。 好好吃哦!

This our dinner, spare rib cook with herbs , just like our "bak kut teh"这是我们当天的晚餐,试了这药材炖排骨汤,味道好像我们的肉骨茶。


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