Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fried Instand Noodle 炒快熟面

Every mum will cook this easy and tasty fried instant noodle at home . Quite sometime did not eat instant noodles. Missed it so much, so today prepare all the ingredient and fry this instant noodle for breakfast.
每家都会有这简单容易又好吃的炒快熟面吧。有一阵子没吃快熟面了,有点想吃所以今天就快快找齐材料炒了这盘炒快熟面 。这盘炒快熟面就成为家人的早餐。
Ingredients: 材料:
some bean sprout 一些豆芽
some chopped garlic 一些剁碎的蒜头
some minced chicken (season with 1tbsp soya sauce, 1tsp sesame oil and 1/2 tsp pepper) 一些剁碎的鸡肉(用1大匙酱油,1小匙麻油至半小匙的胡椒粉腌)
some fish fillet - cut slices. 一些鱼肉-切小块。
1 carrot - shred 一条胡萝卜切丝
2 Xiao Bai Cai - cut small portion 2 颗小白菜切小段
4 pcs black mushroom -soak till soft and cut thin slices 4片香菇-浸泡至软后切丝
2 pcs black fungus - soak till soft and cut thin slices 2大片黑木耳-浸泡至软后切丝
3 packet instant noodles -soak till soft and drain well 3 包快熟面-浸泡至软后弄干
2 tbsp rice bran oil /cooking oil 2 大匙米糠油/食油

Seasoning: 调味料:
2 tbsp light soya sauce 2 大匙酱油
1 tbsp dark soya sauce 1 大匙黑酱油
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 大匙蚝油
2 tbsp water 2 大匙清水
- all mix together - 全部搅和

garnish with fried shallot and sambal belacan (optional) 配上炸葱片及叁笆笆拉煎辣椒(随意)

Methods: 做法:
1.) Heat the wok and put in 2 tbsp rice brain oil, saute chopped garlic till fragrant. 烧热镬,加入2大匙米糠油把剁碎的蒜头炒香。
2.)Add in minced chicken and fish fillet . 加入鸡肉碎及鱼肉炒香。
3.) Add in shredded carrot, Xiao Bai Cai 加入胡萝卜丝,小白菜。
4.) Add in bean sprout, black fungus slices and black mushroom slices.加入豆芽,黑木耳丝,香菇丝炒至熟。
5.) Add in soaked instant noodle and seasoning. 加入浸软的快熟面及调味料炒煮熟。
6.) Dish up and garnish with fried shallot and sambal belacan. 上碟后放些炸葱片及叁笆笆拉煎辣椒。


Sonia said...

Ya, this is simple to cook, but delicious, when I run out of idea what to cook for lunch, I will cook this too.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, Yaloh when I run out of idea what to cook, 1st thing will think of this because the ingredients is so optional and easy to get further more children like it very much so why not cook this.

Jesslyn said...

erm..yummy yummy....simple and nice dish to settle a meal ya!

~Rachel~ said...


Anncoo said...

Never try to cook like this before. You soak the instant noodle in cold water?

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Jesslyn, welcome and hope you like it.
Anncoo, yes soak in cold water, just like we soak bihun. Very fast about half an hour will be soft.