Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sonia@Organic Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

After read Sonia's blog and Hsling's blog did this black sesame chiffon cake. Wondering how it taste. Yesterday went to Organic shop buy organic food stuff , the black sesame powder also in the list. After bought the black sesame powder so quickly try to bake this black sesame chiffon cake.
The black sesame chiffon cake taste good. Hubby also said it taste good. Really thanks to Hsling and Sonia.
I needs more practice in order the cake won't get crack on top surface. (Anyone can help me please.)


~Rachel~ said...

戚风看来很不错哦~ 关于那个表面会裂开我个人觉得会不会是上火太大了呢? 我也在学习做戚风 (虽然没有戚风模)。。大家一起加油哦~ ^_^

Sonia said...

great to know you also like this chiffon,look not bad for the 1st time,I like this no chemical substances chiffon. Did you add more sesame powder? I feel mine not enough sesame. Why it crack? I'm not that expert, like Rachel said, maybe due to the temperature of your oven. Another reason might due to when you add in egg white mixture, you did not mix well, left little egg white, it will crack also. Forgot to tell you, when you mix egg white, use spatula to fold it, dont use whisk. Hope this help.

Canary said...


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Rachel, 我们一起加油吧。我也怀疑是不是火太大的关系。 看下回再做过会不会有进步再与你分享。
Sonia, Thanks for your advise. I also feel that might be my oven temp to high cause the crack. I use 30g sesame powder (I feel 40g also no problem). It really very fragrant. I will try with lower temp for next try. Will share with you the outcome.