Monday, 3 August 2009

Lotus Root Buddha Hand melon Porridge莲藕佛手瓜粥

This porridge very easy to cook. Cut all ingredients and dump to the pot and cook together will do. I feel this porridge quite nutrition.

Ingredients: 材料
lotus root -cut slices 莲藕-切片

Chinese wild yam cut cube
山药/淮山- 切块
Buddha hand melon- cut cube
佛手瓜- 切块
dry scallop + some ginger slice 干贝 + 数片姜片。
rice- soak few hours b4 cook. 一杯五谷米,未煮前先浸泡数小时。

  1. Boil 1.5 liter water (up to your taste , how thick you like the porridge; you may add /reduce the water )
  2. Put in the five grain rive dry scallop and some ginger slice cook till boil.
  3. Put in wild yam, lotus root and Buddha hand melon cook till five grain rice and other ingredients are soft will do.
  4. Add in sea salt and pepper as you wish.


  1. 煮滚1.5升的清水(依个人喜好,水可以自己加多或减少。如果喜欢吃清的粥就加多一点清水)
  2. 把五谷米,干贝,姜片放进锅内煮滚。
  3. 把山药/淮山块,莲藕片及佛手瓜块放进锅内煮至五谷米软即可。
  4. 加入海盐及胡椒粉(依你个人喜好)。


Canary said...


Sonia said...

this is a healthy meal and yet yummy.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Canary, 这粥如果加鸡肉也不错吃。
Sonia,worth to have a try. Hope you like it.

Anncoo said...

Hi, first time here. Never try this healthy :)
will follow your site and link you to my blog.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo, Welcome and hope you enjoy here.