Sunday, 9 August 2009

Szechuan Preserved Vege Noodle 四川榨菜面

ha ha !!!! Noodle again. (hope you will not feel boredom) This Szechuan noodle taste hot and sour.
哈哈 !!! 又是面呀.... (希望你不会厌倦). 这四川榨菜面的味道是酸酸及沙许辣味。

Ingredient: 材料:
5 black mushroom (soaked and cut slice) and 3 pcs black fungus (soaked and cut slice)
5 片香菇(浸泡后切片) 及 3大片黑木耳(浸泡后切丝)
1 Szechuan preserved vegetable (finely chopped ) 一粒榨菜(切成八大块后浸一下后剁碎)
some prawn, 1pc chicken fillet , chicken bones (to cook the chicken stock, rinse with hot water before cook chicken stock ) and 1kilo Pan Mee
一些虾(去壳), 一块鸡肉, 一些鸡骨(用来煮高汤)及1 公斤的幼板面
minced the chicken fillet and prawn . Seasoning with 1tbsp soya sauce,1/2 tsp pepper and 1/2 tsp sesame oil.

2 liter water 2 公升清水

Seasoning 调味料:

3tbsp black vinegar 3 大匙浙醋

1 tbsp black soya sauce 1大匙黑酱油

1 tbsp soya sauce 1大匙酱油

3 tbsp potato starch + 1 tbsp water 3大匙马铃薯粉+1大匙清水

Method: 做法:

  1. Boil the water, after boil put in the chicken bones to cook the chicken stock. (if don't have chicken stock just use plain water will do.)

  2. After the chicken stock boil, take out the chicken bones.

  3. Add in the Szechuan preserved vegetable, black mushroom and the minced chicken fillet and prawn mixture cook till boil then add in the black fungus.

  4. Add in the seasoning and test the taste (up to your taste).

  5. Lastly add in the potato starch solution to thicken the gravy .

To prepare the noodle - boil a pot of water, after boil then put in the noodle to cook till soft then drain well and ready to serve.

To Serve - scoop the Szechuan preserved vegetable soup to the bowl and place in some noodle will do.

  1. 煮滚一鍋水后放进鸡骨熬成鸡上汤。(如果没有鸡上汤用清水也可以)。

  2. 鸡上汤熬成后把鸡骨拿起。

  3. 把榨菜,香菇及剁幼的鸡肉和虾肉放进鍋内煮至滚后再加入黑木耳去煮。

  4. 把调味料加入(随你的口味)。

  5. 最后加入调好的马铃薯粉水勾茨即可。

准备烫面 - 烧热一锅水,水滚后把面加入去烫至软。沥干水份。

食用- 把四川榨菜汤盛入碗内加入烫熟的面条即可。

p/s: If you like hot food, you may add some chilies (My children cannot take hot food so I did not add chilies) . 如你喜欢吃辣的,可以加些辣椒。(我家小孩不吃辣所以我没加辣椒)。


Sonia said...

This noodle just look nice, will try it out one day. Thanks for sharing.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Hope you like it.