Tuesday, 4 August 2009


This purple colour dessert very attractive to all my family members. It taste nice and simple to cook.
这紫薯玉米甜汤的色彩很美. 我的家人都很喜欢. 这甜汤好吃又容易煮.

Ingredients : 材料:
rock sugar 100g-150g (up to your taste) 冰糖 100-150克 (依个人喜好)
sago 30g-50g 沙谷米一把(大慨30-50克)
purple colour sweet potato - cut cube 紫色番薯2颗切小块
3 egg white 3粒蛋白
10 water chestnut - cut cube 10 粒孛荠/马蹄切小块
5-6 pieces screwpine leaves make knot. 5-6片香叶打个结
150g-200g fresh corn 150-200克新鲜玉米粒

Water 2500ml to 3000ml water 清水2500ml-3000ml

  • Boil the water and screwpine leaves, after boil put in the purple colour sweet potato then cook till boil.
  • Add in corn, water chestnut and rock sugar cook till purple sweet potato soft.
  • Put in the sago cook till sago change transparent.
  • Lastly add in egg white. While add in egg must keep stirring hand so that the egg white can break to small piece. (more presentable and more tasty).
  • dish up.


  • 把清水加香叶煮滚后加入紫薯煮至滚.
  • 加入玉米粒,马蹄/孛荠及冰糖煮至紫薯软.
  • 把沙谷米加入煮至沙谷米透明.
  • 最后把蛋白加入.当加入蛋白时要不停的搅拌这样蛋白才能成蛋花.(比较美观及比较好吃).


Anncoo said...


Sonia said...

I'm looking for this kind of purple sweet potato in my markets here, but couldn't find it till now, once I found it, I will definitely try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Anncoo, 紫薯和普通番薯的味道没差别只不过是颜色美丽而已。颜色美丽会变得更开胃吧。

Sonia, you are most welcome. If you can't find it you may use orange colour sweet potato or you email me your home address so that I courier to you.