Thursday, 30 July 2009

10 grain rice pumpkin soup 南瓜十谷米甜汤

Cook this 10 grain rice soup for Breakfast. I learn this from a friend (Ms Ooi) .She cooked this and let me tasted it. I found it taste delicious and healthy.

Sorry!!!!!! can't provide the exact weight /measurement for the ingredients ( just as you like) cause it won't spoil the taste.

有一天, 我的朋友 Ms Ooi 煮了这南瓜十谷米甜汤请我吃。觉得这南瓜十谷米甜汤好吃又健康就向她请教怎么煮。所以她教会我了。


1/2 pumpkin (cut cube. half to blend and another half to cook)
2 sweet corn (about 150g. 50g to blend and 100g to cook)
1 cup 10 grain rice (soaked for few hours before cook)
some red colour sweet potato (cut cube)
some purple colour sweet potato ( cut cube)
some sago
sugar - according to your taste
1 to 2 liter water (it might be thick after cooked. you can add water according to the thickening you like)

  1. Boil 500ml -700ml water, after boil put in the sweet corn (50g), some pumpkin and 10 grain rice cook till 10 grain rice soft. leave to cool.

  2. Blend (1) till fine .

  3. Steam the sweet potatoes (red and purple colour) , cube pumpkin (balanced) and sweet corn (100g) .

  4. Boil half pot water pour in (2) cook till boil. (must keep stirring it will stick on the pot. After blend to fine it act like starch ). you may add water if it looks too thickening .

  5. Add in sugar and sago boil till sago looks transparent.

  6. Add in (3 ) and dish up.

p/s: if you did not steam the potatoes, corn and pumpkin, you may boil the potatoes while you are steps 4. cook till the potatoes to soft.




1 杯十谷米(浸泡数小时)


一粒紫番薯 (切块)


糖 - 随个人喜欢

1-2 公升水(煮后它会变浓浆所以你可能要加多一些水到你喜欢的程度)。


  1. 煮滚500ml -700ml 的水,加入玉米粒(50g), 一些南瓜及十谷米。煮至十谷米软。放一旁待冷
  2. 待(1)冷后放进搅拌机内搅拌至幼。
  3. 把红番薯,紫番薯,剩余的南瓜块及玉米粒拿去蒸熟。
  4. 煮滚半锅水把(2)加入煮至滚。(要不停的搅拌不然会黏在锅底。)(搅拌后的(2)就好像浆所以很容易黏底)。如果太浓可水。
  5. 把糖及沙谷米加入煮至沙谷米变透明。
  6. 把蒸熟的红番薯,紫番薯,剩余的南瓜块及玉米粒加入就可以吃了。

小小的提示: 如果不想多工另外蒸红番薯,紫番薯,剩余的南瓜块及玉米粒,可以在(4)煮滚后加入。煮至软后才加糖及沙谷米。


Jean said...

The owner of Sunrise Organic Shop treat me once....she blend ALL ingredients except the corn. taste good...
I'll try your recipe one day...

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Jean, where is the Sunrise organic shop located? It taste nice, children will like it also, first time cook don't put so much 10 grain rice then the soup will not be that thick will taste nicer. If you cook this please Share you opinion.