Wednesday, 8 July 2009


The ingredient is for one person portion. 材料是一个人的份量

Ingredient Needs 材料
肉碎(放1大匙酱油,1小匙胡椒粉, 1大匙麻油腌)
Meat mince seasoning with 1tbsp light soya sauce, 1tsp pepper and 1tbsp sesame oil.
dry mushroom and black fungus soaked till soft and cut slices .
some "tong choi" pickle salty vege.

some spring onion 一些青葱
chicken stock 1 bowl 一碗鸡汤
wan tan noodle 1 pcs 云吞面1 粒

Method 做法:


1.) boiled the chicken stock,after boil put in the meat mince,tong choi, black mushroom and black fungus cook till boil will do.


2.) Boiled water, cook the wan tan noodle to soft drain it well. pour the soup to noodle and sprinkle some spring onion will do.

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