Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fried Barbecue Pork And Arrow Root Soup 炒烧肉和粉葛汤

买了些烧肉,加入蒜头,黑酱油及少许的糖炒至半干即可。我的家人蛮喜欢这道菜。Buy the barbecue pork fried with some garlic, black soya sauce and some sugar. My family member like this very much.

材料有新鲜粉葛,玉竹, 党参,排骨,杞子,玉竹, 党参。
Ingredients to prepare this soup is fresh arrow root from market, some spare ribs, wolf berry, yu zhu , dang shen(Codonopsis Radix).

1.) 煲滚一锅水, 拿些滚水烫一烫排骨(这样做汤会比较清澈.)
2.) 把全部材料放进锅内煮滚。
3.) 煮滚后,用小火慢慢煮1-2 小时或者用 slow cooker 煲。
4.) 煮好后,放些盐调味即可。

1.) Boiled a pot of water, after water boiled take some hot water to rinse the spare ribs so that the soup will be clear.
2.) Add in all ingredients to the hot water then bring to boil again.
3.) After boil use slow fire to cook for 1 to 2 hours or cook in slow cooker.
4.) put in some salt before serve.

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