Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Durian Kuih 榴莲糕

Durian Season so blog also follow the season post something related to Durian. This "Durian Kuih" my friend- Yus said they called it "lempuk durian". To make this success have to thank my master "shi fu" YS and Voon.
榴莲季节的到来也要post 一些有关榴莲的食物。Yus 叫这榴莲糕-“lempuk durian”。 要感谢两位师父(YS 和Voon) 教会我做这个榴莲糕。
Just nice do have excess durian at home so cook this durian kuih. separate the durian flesh and seeds.
Place the durian flesh in pot and cook with the slowest fire and keep stir. (If not it will burned).
把榴莲肉放进锅内用最小火慢慢的煮。 要不断的搅拌不然会烧焦。

After 1 hour cook with keep stirring. The colour just turn to light brown. It supposed to be brown colour (about more than 2 hours cook). But.....my hands were very tired!!!!! so gives up to make it in brown colour. Light brown will do.

Let it cool then roll it up with PE cling film/ plastic wrap or keep in container. Keep in Fridge.


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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

是的。如果榴莲肉是没甜味的,那么就可以加1 或 2大匙糖。那天我煮的没加糖,吃时都很甜。最重要是用小火慢慢煮。 等你试后与我们一同分享。

yusmar said...

i like this durian kuih, taste like dodoi