Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sardine Fried Rice 沙丁鱼炒饭

This fried rice was requested by hubby. 这炒饭是hubby点的。

Yus‘s Sardine fried rice. Yus 的沙丁鱼炒饭。

冷饭 1 盘
大葱 1 粒 (切小块)
蛋 2 粒
沙丁鱼1 小罐 (只要沙丁鱼而已,不要汁)

cold rice 1 plate
1 onion( cut cube)
2 eggs
1 canned Sardine (only want the sardine fish , don't want the gravy)
some chopped garlic

2.) 放些油, 把 蒜米,大葱炒至香后放进沙丁鱼炒。
3.)把冷饭放进镬继续炒。再放 1 大匙酱油,1小匙胡椒粉把蛋放进镬炒至饭粒一粒粒在跳即可。如能吃辣,放些辣椒/小辣椒会更美味。
1.) Heat up the wok, put in some oil, fried the egg as omelette's style and keep a side the omelette's egg.
2.) put some oil to the wok, fried the garlic, onion till fragrant then put in the sardine fish keep frying.
3.) put in the cold rice keep frying then put in some seasoning like 1tbsp light soya sauce, 1 tsp pepper. Together put in the egg fried till the rice jumping inside the wok will do then dish up.
If you like spicy, put in some chili or bird chili will taste nicer.

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