Sunday, 12 July 2009

Omelet Cha Om (Cha Oh煎蛋)

常到泰国餐厅吃这道“泰国菜Cha Oh煎蛋”,刚好在菜市看到这菜就买回家做个泰式煎蛋。这道煎蛋配上Sambal 很好吃。
Always order this omelet egg at Thai Restaurant. Today manage to find the "Cha Om" vegetable at market so cook this deep fry Omelet Cha Om , eat with sambal belacan is very delicious.

1 把“Cha Om" 菜
2 粒鸡蛋
1/2 大匙酱油
1 杯油
Ingredient :
1 bunch "cha om" vegetable
2 eggs
1/2 tsp soya sauce
1 cup oil
1.)把 ”cha om" 菜叶拔出。(小心茎上有刺)
3.)把 "cha om" 菜放进(2)中。
4.)烧热镬及油, 把(3)放进镬中煎炸至蛋熟。
P/S: 这煎蛋要用多油煎炸才脆。
1.) Separate the "cha om" leaf from the stem (need the leaf only. be careful there is tiny thorn on the stem)
2.) Break two eggs to a bowl add in soya sauce and pepper and mix well.
3.) Add in "cha om" to (2).
4.) Heat up the wok and oil, put in the mixture of (3) and deep fry till cook.
P/S: This omelet is using deep fry method in order to have the crispy texture.

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