Monday, 13 July 2009


Normally, I just hang my kitchen towel without cover it on the table. Somehow one day, I notice there was a lizard on the kitchen towel. Yak !!! this was so disgusting. I have to throw away the whole roll of the kitchen towel because of this so I have this DIY idea .

From the picture above show the steps of making the kitchen towel cover .
1.) First get a cardboard cut to height of the kitchen rack and the width of the full roll kitchen towel.
2.) Wrap the cardboard with wrapping paper to make it beautiful.
3.) Use the plastic cover to wrap the cardboard then roll it to the size of the full roll of kitchen towel then glue / staple it up.
4.) Cut a piece of the plastic cover in round shape accord to the width of the top cover. (leave
some edge to fold into the cover. (to beautify the kitchen towel cover.) But I was lazy so I just simply paste the top cover. Thats why you can see the top cover is so ugly.

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yusmar said...

wahhh, very good idea. In that way at least feel save to use the towel