Friday, 10 July 2009

Fried Spaghetti 炒意大利面

Today try to cook the spaghetti in oriental style. 今天尝试把意大利面煮成东方口味。

Ingredients 材料
1 packet Spaghetti -angle hair type.(cook till soft and drain well)

1 onion cut to 8 pieces. 一粒大葱切成八片。

some prawn 一些虾。

1 packet oyster mushroom (use hand to tear it, will feel it taste nicer with the texture.)
1 包鳳尾菇 (用手来撕,口感会比较好吃)。

some chicken (season with light soya sauce ,sesame oil and pepper) 一些鸡肉 (用酱油,麻油及胡椒粉腌)

seasoning - 1 tbsp black soya sauce, 2 tbsp light soya sauce and 2tbsp water mix together
调味料- 1 大匙黑酱油,2大匙酱油及2 大匙水搅和。

Method 做法:

1.) Heat up the wok with oil, put in the onion fry till fragrant then put in the seasoned chicken,prawn and keep fry till 80% cook.

2.) Add in the oyster mushroom keep stir till cook.

3.) Put in the spaghetti and seasoning fry till fragrant and cook then dish up.




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