Sunday, 5 July 2009

Herbal Soup Noodle(药材汤面)

Ingredient Needs
300-400g ribs
1 packet Chinese herbs about RM 3.00 (can get it at Chinese drugs shop, just tell them you want to herbal soup for noodles. )
10g dry scallops
2-3 liter water
5-6 pieces dry mushrooms (soaked and each piece to four)
2-3 pieces dry black fungus (soaked and cut to slices)
some wantan noodles
some spring onion
some sea salt/ salt

300g-400g 肉骨
药材一包 大慨 RM3.00 (到药材店配)
10g 干贝
2-3 liter 水
5-6 片东菇 (浸泡至软-切成4片)
2-3 片黑木耳 (浸泡至软- 切成丝)
一些海盐/ 盐


1.) Boil the water, take some boiled water to rinse the ribs (in order to get the soup clear).

2.) Add in the ribs, dry scallop , herbs, mushroom to the balance of the boiling water and cook for a while then change to slow fire to cook. (I use slow cooker to cook overnight ).

3. ) Before serve, put in the black fungus to cook for a while . Put in some sea salt /salt (as your taste).

4.) To prepare the wantan noodles - boil the water then put in the noodles cook to soft then rinse the noodles un cold water and drain it . Put in some oil or sesame oil to mix the noodles so that the noodles would not stick together.

5.) server the noodles with herbal soup and sprinkle some green onion on top of the noodles.



3.) 当要吃时加入黑木耳煮滚。加入海盐/ 盐调味。

4.) 准备烫面 - 煮沸一锅水把云吞面加进沸水内烫至软。准备一盆水,把烫了的云吞面放进过冷河后排掉水。加入一点麻油/菜油进云吞面,那面才不会黏在一起。

5.) 把药材汤淋在烫好的云吞面上, 洒上一些青葱即可。

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