Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Satay Pizza 沙嗲披薩

A lot of the satay sauce left over after the party so bought the pizza bread,chicken , button mushroom , mozzarella cheese and onion to prepare this satay pizza as breakfast.
生日会后剩下很多的沙嗲酱。买了鸡肉,罐头蘑菇,mozzarella 乳酪,披薩皮及大葱来准备这 沙嗲披薩。把 沙嗲披薩当成我家的早餐。

This is filament stick with button mushroom satay pizza. Just mixed the filament stick, button mushroom with satay sauce.

Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on the pizza bread (to make the ingredients stick on the pizza base - teach by Yus to Yus ) then put in the mixed ingredients and sprinkle the cheese again on top of the ingredients and bake .

这是用蟹柳,蘑菇及沙嗲酱做成的披薩。把全部材料混合,洒些 mozzarella 乳酪放在披薩皮上才加上混合了的材料这样这些混合的材料才会黏在披薩皮上。(这是Yus 教会的. 谢谢她)

在披薩皮上再洒些 mozzarella 乳酪后拿去烘即可.

Ingredients :
Satay sauce
Chicken fillet (cut slices)
Pizza bread/Pizza base
Button mushroom (cut slices)
Mozzarella cheese

  • cook the chicken and satay sauce till chicken cooked.
  • mixed onion,button mushroom and (1) evenly.
  • preheat oven to 170 ℃
  • sprinkle some cheese on the pizza bread.
  • put in the mixed ingredients to the pizza bread and sprinkle some cheese on top of the ingredients
  • bake for 10 minutes will do.

材料 :






Mozzarella 乳酪


  1. 把鸡肉和沙嗲酱煮至鸡肉熟. 
  2. 把大葱,蘑菇和(1)搅匀.
  3. 预热烤箱 170 ℃
  4. 洒些 mozzarella 乳酪放在披薩皮上
  5. 把(2) 放在披薩皮上后再洒上mozzarella 乳酪后放进烤箱烤10 分钟即可.


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HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Yus, Thank you.

Rachel, 一块不够吧,请你三块,那么小公主才有得吃啊。 哈哈。

Sonia said...

Pizza is a great bakery, it can be just throw whatever you have, and the left over things, great idea to have this satay pizza,look yummy.

HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

Sonia, Welcome and thanks for connecting. Yes. you are right, pizza is really great bakery you can just add what you like. So in future if can't finish the satay kuah just keep it for other dishes or pizza. (provided those sauce was untouch.) he he....